UCAT ANZ 2020 Results and Statistics

Your UCAT ANZ Score is a pivotal part of your application to medical and dental schools in Australia and New Zealand. For a good shot at an interview or offer you’ll need to score your best in this exam. Your score is given to you straight after the exam, but what do these numbers mean? In this article, we’ll take a look at average scores for 2020 to see which scores would of been competitive.

It’s important to remember that the average score, and cut-off scores for each university, will vary each year. So what was average for 2020, may be much higher or lower than the average for 2021. It’s impossible to know what will be a competitive score as it depends on how the cohort performs on a whole.However, looking at previous years can give us a rough idea of what to expect. 

How is the UCAT ANZ score calculated?

Your score sheet will give you scaled scores ranging from 300 to 900 for each subtest. You’ll also see a total scaled score which is the total for the cognitive subtests (UCAT Verbal Reasoning, UCAT Decision Making, UCAT Quantitative Reasoning, UCAT Abstract Reasoning) ranging from 1200 to 3600. You won’t find out your raw scores as they are transferred into this scaled system. See our complete scoring guide here

UCAT ANZ 2020 Results

In 2020, a total of 14,092 candidates took the UCAT ANZ. So, what did the overall scores look like in this year? The following table shows the mean scores for each subtest and overall total score. You can also see the scores needed to reach each decile. 

The 1st decile represents the 10th percentile. So if you scored in this decile, it means that you scored higher than 10% of candidates. Therefore if your score is in the 9th decile, you’ve scored higher than 90% of candidates taking the exam. 

As you can see, UCAT Verbal Reasoning tends to have a lower score than all of the other subtests. Whereas, UCAT Quantitative Reasoning tends to have a higher score. 

What is my UCAT ANZ 2020 percentile?

If you’d like to know your exact percentile you can use the calculator here. This is based on the 2020 data so it won’t be accurate for scores from UCAT 2021 or UCAT 2019 testing cycles. 

Where should I apply with my UCAT ANZ Score?

Medical schools in Australia and New Zealand expect you to score very well in this exam. The exact score will vary between each university and may also depend on your ATAR and where you live. In general, if you are a rural applicant the score you need to obtain is often lower. For more information about how universities use the UCAT read our article here. 

How does this compare to 2019?

The table below shows the mean score for each subtest in 2019. In this year, the average for all sections was lower, but shows the same general trend with VR being the lowest score. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to expect and shows how scores can vary year-on-year. A score of 2900 would have been in the 9th decile in 2019 but in the 8th decile in 2020. 

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