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In 2024, the ISAT is more important than EVER.
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My ISAT score jumped from 155 to 180 in just 3 months!
I honestly can't thank my Medic Mind 1-1 Tutor enough!

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        How can Medic Mind improve my ISAT score?


        Your time is valuable.
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        Step to boosting your ISAT score...

        1. Award-Winning Strategies

          You could be answering 1000s of ISAT questions but still not improving. Our tutors will help you improve your ISAT technique.

        2. Proven Timing Techniques

          We teach you section-specific strategies that, on average, speed up your ISAT technique by 37%.

        3. ISAT Preparation Course
        4. Coaching by ISAT experts

          All of our ISAT tutors have ISAT scores in the top 10% and are experienced teachers with ISAT success.

        5. Personal 1-to-1 Approach

          Our ISAT tutors will serve as a friend, mentor, and teacher to you. You can contact your team at any time.

        6. Regular Progress Updates

          With regular progress reports, ISAT revision tips, and homework plans, we keep parents and students informed.

        7. ISAT Online Materials

          We provide ISAT video tutorials, ISAT questions, and ISAT books through your personal online portal.


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          How our ISAT Tutoring

          When it comes to teaching and learning, we believe that a personal approach is best. So, when you sign up for our ISAT 1-to-1 tutoring, we'll create your study plan and provide you with ongoing support that is tailored to your specific needs. You'll also have access to a wealth of online resources to help you revise and test everything you learn.

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          Start with a hand-picked ISAT tutor

          Following your consultation, we consider everything you want - from location to prospective universities - and find the best ISAT tutor for you. They all have:

          • Experience in 1-to-1 ISAT tutoring
          • Student-Friendly Approach
          • Achieved a Top Decile ISAT Score
          • Proven Track Record of Success

          Build a personalised
          ISAT lesson plan

          Your ISAT tutor will create a personalised lesson plan for you based on the time until your test, your ISAT scores, and your weak areas.


          Maximise your ISAT score

          We will give you the best chance of scoring above 170 if you work hard and invest time in lessons.

          • Improve your ISAT technique
          • UCAT SJT ClockIncrease your ISAT speed
          • Work on your weaker sections
          • Use feedback to progress

          ISAT Question Bank

          Your tutor will assign regular homework from our ISAT Question Bank, which contains hundreds of questions!

          So maximise your ISAT potential
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            Our students love us, but don’t
            just take our word for it:

            Our Students

            Scored 90th Percentile

            I would not hesitate to recommend Medic Mind to anyone thinking of applying as international student. I used Medic Mind for ISAT help and it was the best investment I made.

            Scored 195

            My ISAT tutor Shameena helped me prepare over 7 weeks for the ISAT. She was very motivational, and gave me some really useful tips for each section. Thank you Medic Mind!

            Scored 191

            A high ISAT score was essential for me. I was delighted to be paired by an experienced fellow graduate tutor who helped me score well.

            Scored 190

            My ISAT tutor Daniel was very friendly and insightful, helping me score 190 in the ISAT! He taught me some fantastic time-saving techniques for each section of the exam,

            Scored 180

            Honestly this is the best ISAT scheme available. The whole group were so supportive and replied instantly, from Max to Mohil. The ISAT tutors were great too, especially Cathy and Steph.

            Scores 185

            The Medic Mind team have been an integral reason for me securing 4/4 offers. I booked 30 hours, which was a good amount for ISAT and used their great videos alongside.

            Scored Top 10%

            I had 6 hours of 1-1 with Medic Mind, which have been incredibly helpful. Everybody is friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help even if you are short for time.

            Maryam A

            These have specific strategies that really improved my scores. Not only that, but it is very affordable.


            Really great and informative resources on ISAT!

            Hana S

            Learnt some useful skills for approaching ISAT. Good teaching style. Easy to follow the tutoring.

            Jessica L

            Brilliant resources, really broke down the ISAT exam into the different sections and gave great tips for the various problems. Highly recommend!

            Joshua W

            The teacher was supportive and friendly when coordinating the ISAT session and helped in clearing any doubts about anything.

            Megan A

            It gave important information on the ISAT that I wouldn't know otherwise. I would like to pass on my thanks to Medic Mind!

            Sean G

            Really thorough teaching of all aspects of the ISAT, including explaining each question in detail!

            Beth G

            Really clear explanations of how to do each section of the ISAT with lots of example questions.

            Tessa Y

            It was informative and boosted my confidence ahead of my ISAT exam.

            Tess A

            Feeling much more confident about the ISAT


            Great! Gave good insight in to ISAT very clearly explained.

            Lucy G

            Very informative and in detail. The tutor was extremely helpful and understanding whilst explaining the ISAT.

            Alice A

            Useful tips for the exam were given which made me feel more confident about sitting the ISAT. Highly reccommend.

            Jessica L

            Brilliant resources, really broke down the ISAT exam down into the different sections and gave great tips for the various problems. Highly recommend!

            Daniel S

            This course provided great tips and tricks for the ISAT exam, I would recommend it for any international applicants. It helped me understand each aspect of the exam and went through in detail how to answer each question style.

            Syed H

            I thought the ISAT course they have for offer was exceptionally beneficial, entailing towards students similar to me. The speaker was confinement and spoke in a clear and considered way and projected their voice very well.

            Haider S

            The question sets were motivating and challenging, while still remaining similar to the real thing. In order to improve I would personally recommend spending more time on individual slides to give a better chance for mentees to make important notes.

            Gonn A

            Absolutely inspiring! The help and advice given is nothing like you can find anywhere else.

            Bhaskar R

            I hope that every one gets the chance to use medic mind and truly appreciate the immense support given. I feel very confident and sure of myself thanks to all the help I have been given. The exam is very stressful and I found myself very worried about the horror stories I had heard.

            Sahil R

            I have seen literally every video on YouTube with the keyword ISAT and I can honestly say nothing else compares to the help provided as it gives actual techniques for each section that I can apply to good use in the test.


            The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the ISAT, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test.

            Laura A

            Overall, the experience given to me has solidified my understanding it, and alleviated my worries via their guidance.

            Michael A

            My knowledge and determination has excelled as I am now comfortable with the problems surrounding the ISAT, and have learned how to manage myself and the questions for when the time comes - a vital aspect.

            Jessie A

            The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the ISAT, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test

            Rueben J

            Taught me good approaches to work out ISAT

            Ahmad A

            Thank you so much for helping me out. Went from 60% confidence to 100% so thank you again. The ISAT techniques were unique which I could not find in my books.

            Karen C

            As a parent who did not have experience of ISAT previously the advice and support that was demonstrated by medic mind was second to none. Their approach was one of nurturing and care as well as achieving results.

            Tanya A

            They instilled me with confidence in their ability immediately unlike some of the other companies who simply wanted to sell their products in addition to the tuition.

            Cherie A

            Following the first session the development and confidence in my daughter was amazing. Her scores increased rapidly and her test result was excellent. Thank you medic mind.

            Nyah K

            Really helpful for ISAT prep

            Milly L

            My tutor was very good at simply explaining the course of the ISAT and how to answer each type of question as well as tips that helped and I haven’t seen elsewhere

            Safa S

            Elena was amazing at explaining each of the sections in ISAT. Making sure that all of the pupils understood before moving ahead. She gave us many questions and examples to look at. Better than other courses!!

            Safia J

            When learning about hit the different aspects of ISAT, Jessica was very engaging and able to explain different concepts well. Similarly, her anecdotes helped us to see the reality of the test, as well as providing us with important information which I will use for my own ISAT test.

            Ben M

            The ISAT session was very informative session with very useful tips, to help with my preparation for the ISAT test.

            Arjan B

            Liz helped me understand how to answer the ISAT sections in a more efficient way

            Precious S

            The ISAT session was extremely useful. It gave me some useful tips that I will be able to use in my exam.

            Anjini K

            Luke gave a really informative and interesting session about the ISAT.


            Zoe was very informative and interactive with us. And I learnt a lot from her teaching us about the ISAT.

            Emerald C

            The ISAT session that was delivered was very helpful and gave many useful hints and tips with how to complete the different sections in the short amount of time given.

            Sukhraj S

            Anna explained every section within be ISAT really well - giving top tricks and tips on how to answer questions quickly and precisely. She was very useful, fully recommend.

            Zenith S

            Medic Mind were brilliant with my daughter who was struggling with her ISAT exam and did everything to help her, I really appreciated the regular progress checks on whatsapp. Thanks so much!!


            Charlotte really enjoyed the lessons for ISAT and we noticed an instant improvement. Thanks to her tutors she was able to improve on her scores and get an offer as she did really badly the year before.

            Jonathan A

            What I liked most was that they told her what to do outside of the lessons and gave homework which helped guide her revision.

            Charis A

            Michael was very informative and managed to make studying the ISAT interesting.

            Amelia J

            Everyone was really helpful and gave lots of support. Felt so confident in my ISAT exam and couldn’t have done it without their help!

            Krishan V

            The lessons were super clear and they tailored them to my pace and focused on what I needed. Thank you!

            Tilly A

            I was really pleased with the tutoring I received! I was very happy from the onset when speaking to Medic Mind. They provided a brilliant experience for my daughter and I cannot fault them at all.

            Jamie A

            Right from the get go they were very prompt in organizing everything efficiently and they really improved her ISAT score. Thanks so much Medic Mind!

            Sara T

            The thing that I liked most about it was that they know how to identify your weakest areas and provide constructive advice on how to improve. I previously had group and online courses with other ISAT exam prep providers, but I felt that 1 to 1 tutoring benefited me more.

            Heshan M

            Helped me understand and improve the way I answer ISAT questions. The online 1 to 1 was helpful, tutors recommended me some great resources and went through each section clearly to help me prepare.


            The ISAT Medic Mind course was game changing for me! Before, I was struggling with speed but after the 1 to 1 tutoring and the online course, I learned some really useful techniques to boost my speed and score.

            Sanjay J

            In terms of lessons they were very informative, flexible and well suited to my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone applying as international student.

            Susan F

            This is a good concept / idea for students who wish to practice more on their skills required for ISAT. This service is student friendly and they provide the required support throughout your application!


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