Medic Mind Safeguarding Policy

1.    Introduction

1a. Every student who participates in a Medic Mind course should be able to do so in a safe and comfortable environment. Medic Mind is committed to providing the best possible level of safeguarding and the wellbeing and safety of each student is vital.

1b. Medic Mind has a duty to ensure all service providers of Medic Mind courses are given appropriate safeguarding measures and all lessons take place in a safe environment.

2.    Legislative Framework

2a. This safeguarding policy is to ensure all students on a Medic Mind course are able to benefit from our services within the remits of the child safeguarding standards of the United Kingdom Law. This policy is derived from a variety of legislative provisions and statutory guidance. In particular, it is based on good practice found in:

2b. Our safeguarding policy and procedures comply with all of this guidance and is updated with local arrangements agreed and published by the three local safeguarding partners.

2c. The following legislation is also incorporated into this policy:

3.    Responsibilities

3a. Medic Mind recognises that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their parents or carers has a role to play in safeguarding children.

3b. All Medic Mind tutors are required to:

3c. Medic Mind will:

4.    Child Protection Procedures

4a. Tutors at will follow the necessary child protection procedures if an incident occurs. They will be made aware that:

4b. When a tutor  suspects that any student may have been subject to abuse, or a student has suggested that abuse has taken place either to themselves or another student, the allegation must be reported immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

The DSL will ensure the allegation is acted on within the same day. It is best practice to ensure that all colleagues who are involved in the allegation are informed of the outcome, so there is closure or continual vigilance as necessary.

5.    Allegations Against Medic Mind Tutors

All allegations of abuse made against tutors must be brought to the attention of the Medic Mind administration team immediately. The Medic Mind Administrators will act in a co-ordinating role.

6.    Recording of Lessons

6a. All tutors must record all lessons on Skype or Zoom or wherever not possible should inform the Medic Mind team immediately. All recordings are available for playback for up to 30 days and remain the property of Medic Mind. Medic Mind may review any sessions where a report has been made by an individual using Medic Mind with the aim of investigating the report.

6b. When required, Medic Mind will share this data with the relevant United Kingdom Law Enforcement where it is reported a criminal offence could have occurred related to a particular tutoring lesson.

7.    Communication between Tutors and Students

All communication between tutor and student must take place on the WhatsApp group with the Medic Mind team. There must be no outside communication as this breaches Medic Mind’s code of conduct.

8.    Compliance

8a. All tutors and students using Medic Mind’s serices have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Safeguarding Policy.

8b. Any tutor who is reported for a breach of the Safeguarding Policy will be suspended from Medic Mind tutoring effective immediately. The final decision for a minor breach will be the responsibility of Medic Mind.

8c. Any tutor reported for illegal activity whilst using Medic Mind services will be reported to policy and appropriate authorities including the General Medical Council and General Dental Council if necessary. This also include tutoring students independently outside of Medic Mind contracted hours and sharing of materials without notifying Medic Mind.

9.    Review

The Medic Mind Safeguarding Policy will be reviewed constantly in order to maintain its adequacy to meet current Safeguarding Standards. This policy was last reviewed on 27th April 2020

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