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Flinders Medical School


Flinders University is a public university in Adelaide, South Australia. The university is ranked no. 1 in Australia for Medicine for full- time Employment. The university has a reputation for academic excellence. It is recognised as a leader in medical teaching using a curriculum that has been adopted by many worldwide universities.

Flinders University offer a four-year Doctor of Medicine degree. Their double degree program provides school leavers with the opportunity to complete a medical degree in 6 years, for the first 2 years students will study clinical sciences. Clinical sciences studies have a health or medical science focus. Students transition to the 3 year Doctor of Medicine course. .

The Doctor of Medicine degree is based upon clinically focused teaching, from highly trained staff. Students study at the Bedford Park campus. Clinical teaching begins in the first few weeks of teaching and is based in the Flinders Medical Centre. The degree allows students to develop their medical knowledge, professional behaviour, and clinical competence. During the application process students can select their preference for studying at the Bedford Park or Darwin Campus.

What makes Flinders Medical school unique?

  • Preclinical and clinical teaching – The first 2 years of the degree focuses on the bodies systems. The 3rd and 4th year of studies involve 6-week rotations, electives, and placements in a range of medical specialities.
  • Graduate entry for students without medical/ science related undergraduates. – The school has a reputation for offering places to students from a non-science background who have studied several varying subjects such as law and journalism.
  • Leaders in the field of rural and remote health – Flinders Medical School has been a leader in curriculum design across the world. It was the first university to offer a full year of rural clinical practice. The university aims to provide students with a greater understanding of indigenous heritage. Placements take place across the region in the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Victoria.
  • International Links- The university is licenced nationally and internationally. International students are integral to the student community making up ¼ of students. The University is also partnered with institutions in Asia, Europe and North/ South America.

Gaining a place at Flinders Medical School

  • Graduates – Rankings are based upon a combination of GAMSAT, interview scores and weighted point grade average of undergraduate degree.
  • Year 12 Entry – Ranking of ATAR and UCAT score.
  • Indigenous Entry Stream – Indigenous Entry Stream application form, interview. Completion of the Flinders University’s Preparation for medicine Program Is required.

Boosting your chances of gaining an offer from Flinders Medical School

The following considerations will enhance students’ chances of getting into Flinders:

  • uniTEST – Students who have completed uniTEST will have this considered alongside their Year 12 results.
  • Research Project B Pathway – Students with strong results in the Research Project B subject will be considered based on this result and their Year 12 results.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Flinders University Medical School have interviews?

Yes! Graduate and indigenous entrance students are interviewed. In addition to questioning students about their basic talents and experience, panel interviews will incorporate scenario-style questions. At the interview, the following topics are evaluated: Motivation, learning style, and teamwork skills, communication skills, pro-social attitude, personal management and self-evaluation abilities, and decision-making approach are all important factors to consider.

What is the Flinders University Medical School ranking?

Flinders University Medical School has earned 11th place in Australian Medical School ranking.

What are the Flinders University Medical School entry requirements?

An approved undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary school is required for admission to the Flinders University Medical School. A valid Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT) or North American Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) must also be present at the time of application, and it must be less than two years old. An interview is also required of you.

What are the Flinders University Medical School admission statistics?

Flinders University is a reasonably competitive university, with a 62 % acceptance rate.

Is Flinders University a good Medical School?

Student involvement, learning resources, and teaching quality have all been given five stars in the Doctor of Medicine programme. The Good Universities Guide 2020 – postgraduate ranks Flinders University first in Australia for full-time employment in medicine.

What is Flinders Medical School?

Flinders Medical School is a leading medical school in Australia that is located at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. It offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs.

What undergraduate medical programs does Flinders Medical School offer?

Flinders Medical School offers a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Doctor of Medicine (BCS/MD) program, which is a six-year program that combines basic science and clinical learning.

What postgraduate medical programs does Flinders Medical School offer?

Flinders Medical School offers a range of postgraduate medical programs, including the Master of Clinical Education, the Master of Public Health, and the Master of Health Administration.

What are the admission requirements for Flinders Medical School?

The admission requirements for Flinders Medical School will depend on the specific program you are applying to. Generally, undergraduate applicants will need to sit the UCAT or GAMSAT, while postgraduate applicants will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

What is the selection process for Flinders Medical School?

The selection process for Flinders Medical School will depend on the specific program you are applying to. Generally, the selection process will involve a combination of academic performance, test scores, and interview performance.

What research opportunities are available at Flinders Medical School?

Flinders Medical School offers a range of research opportunities for students and faculty, including opportunities to participate in clinical trials, conduct laboratory research, and collaborate with other researchers and institutions.

What support services are available to students at Flinders Medical School?

Flinders Medical School offers a range of support services to students, including academic support, career counseling, and personal counseling. There are also many student clubs and organizations that students can join to enhance their academic and social experience.

What career opportunities are available to graduates of Flinders Medical School?

Graduates of Flinders Medical School are well-prepared for a range of careers in the healthcare industry, including as doctors, nurses, researchers, and healthcare administrators.

About the university

Key Information
Email [email protected]
Phone number +61 (08) 7221 8200
Course Information
Teaching style Varied
Course length
Courses offered
Graduate entry
Foundation or access
University Life
Local area The University is centred in Adelaide. Student study facilities are located on the Bedford Park Campus. The campus has stunning city and coastal surroundings. Flinders Village has had a $1.5 billion investment. This project means that the new Flinders Train station will link Bedford Park to Tonsley and the city centre.
Social life Flinders university is the only university in Adelaide to allow students to live on campus. This creates a strong student community. The Flinders University Student Association manages social events and many clubs and societies. The Universities societies not only allow students to practice and engage in their hobbies involving sports and the arts but there are societies concerning academic and welfare issues. The university is renowned for the state of the art student hub that fosters interactive learning in a digitally enabled environment.
Interview style Interviews are used for graduate and indigenous entry students. Panel interviews will use scenario- style questions in addition to asking students about their core skills and experience. The following topic areas are assessed at interview: Quality of motivation, learning style and team skills, communication skills, pro-social attitude, personal management and self-evaluation skills, approach to decision- making.
Interview dates
Interview topics
Admissions Tests
UCAT Used for Year 12 Entry. Students are ranked based upon their ATAR and UCAT score.
Academic Requirements
Retake policy
Scottish highers
Scottish advanced
Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)
Number of applicants per interview (Home)
Number of applicants per interview (International)
Number of applicants per place (Home)
Number of applicants per place (International)
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