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Monash University Medical School

Overview of The Monash School of Medicine Undergraduate Course

Monash University provides medical training programmes for both graduates and undergraduates. Their Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine 5-year programme uses an integrated curriculum. The degree allows medical students to learn in a variety of environments both on campus and in clinical environments. Small group work and patient-based presentations are used through the 5 years of the degree. From 3rd year onwards students are delivered clinical teaching as part of clinical rotations.

The degree prepares medical students to become compassionate and competent doctors of the future. The first 2 years of the degree prepares students with basic medical science knowledge. Students are exposed to clinical skills learning through patient orientated learning. The 5th year of study is based upon a trainee internship model exposing students to the realities of clinical work.

To be considered for a place on the Direct Entry Medical programme at Monash University, you will need to have a competitive UCAT and ATAR result. Students are selected for MMI interviews based on their ranking in these areas. The UCAT, ATAR and MMI are then equally weighted to select applicants.

Why choose Monash School of Medicine

New evidence based medical programme – In 2017 the University redesigned their programme. The programme uses integrated case learning sessions, work in groups of 12-15 to study clinical scenarios. Students begin preparation for clinical rotations from year 1 with early clinical placements in hospitals. Content is taught through lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials and simulation sessions. The community-based practice programme integrates indigenous health learning activities into the curriculum.

Rural and urban experience – Clinical placements take place in a variety of settings exposing you to urban medicine in Melbourne and practice in a rural environment in Victoria. Placements take place in leading hospitals across Australia including Monash Medical Centre, The Alfred Hospital and Eastern Health. The Australian Government Rural Clinical Training and Support Program emphasis’ the importance of exposure to practice in a rural environment. A cohort of students studying at Monash will have the opportunity to spend 2 years in rural settings.

Facilities– The patient Safety programme exposes students to stimulation and clinical skills workshops. This provides practical hands-on stimulation experiences of authentic scenarios from clinical practice.

Research Component – Studying at The Monash School of Medicine not only helps students to become competent clinicians but prepares them for the variety of opportunities in the working environment of a doctor. For students interested in research or simply intermission from the medicine degree, students may study an honours year focusing on an area of medical science research. Basic research skills will also be developed in Year 3B.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Monash University Gippsland Medical School acceptance rate?

The Moash University Gippsland Medical School has acceptance rate of 40%

Where is Monash University Gippsland Medical School located?

Monash University is an Australian public research university situated in Melbourne. It was formed in 1958 and is the state’s second oldest university, named after famed World War I general Sir John Monash.

What are the Monash University Gippsland Medical School entry requirements?

You’ll need an ATAR of at least 96.35 to be considered for a position in Monash’s Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine programs, however a better score will surely improve your chances. Medicine at Monash is a very difficult course to get into, therefore there aren’t many other options. There is also an MMI interview which is needed of all applicants. The interview employs 8 situations and questions to assess a student’s suitability for the course. Each station lasts 8 minutes, with a 2-minute break in between.

What are the Monash University Gippsland Medical School fees?

The Monash University Gippsland Medical School annual fees are $83,700 AUD.It will differ for International students.

What is the ranking of Monash University Gippsland Medical School in Australia?

The Monash University Gippsland Medical school is ranked #38 in the world.

What is Monash University Medical School?

Monash University Medical School is a leading medical education institution in Australia, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, surgery, and biomedical science. The school is located in Melbourne, Victoria and is known for its innovative approach to medical education and research.

What are the entry requirements for Monash University Medical School?

To be eligible for entry into Monash University Medical School, students must have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant field such as science, health sciences or biomedical sciences. Students must also have achieved a minimum GPA of 5.0 (out of 7.0) and have completed the required pre-requisite subjects such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

How is the medical curriculum structured at Monash University Medical School?

The medical curriculum at Monash University Medical School is structured into three phases: Phase 1 (Foundations of Medicine), Phase 2 (Clinical Practice) and Phase 3 (Preparation for Practice). The program incorporates both theoretical and practical learning, with opportunities for clinical placements and research.

What is the admission process for Monash University Medical School?

The admission process for Monash University Medical School involves an online application, submission of academic transcripts and personal statement, and an interview process. Applicants are also required to sit the UCAT or GAMSAT test and achieve a minimum score.

What is the research focus of Monash University Medical School?

Monash University Medical School has a strong focus on research, with a range of research centers and institutes dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and practice. The school’s research areas include cancer, neuroscience, infectious diseases, and global health.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of Monash University Medical School?

Graduates of Monash University Medical School have a range of career opportunities in the medical field, including general practice, specialist medical fields, research, academia, and public health. Many graduates also choose to work in international aid organizations and NGOs.

How hard is it to get into Medicine at Monash?

Getting into Medicine at Monash University is highly competitive, with a limited number of places available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The admission process involves a range of criteria, including academic achievement, performance on standardized tests such as the UCAT or GAMSAT, and personal attributes such as leadership and community engagement.

In recent years, the competition for admission to Monash University Medical School has been increasing, with a high number of well-qualified applicants vying for a limited number of places. Therefore, it can be considered a challenging task to gain admission to Medicine at Monash University, but with dedication, hard work and proper preparation, it is still achievable for suitable candidates.

About the university

Key Information
Email [email protected]
Phone number 18--666274
Course Information
Teaching style 5 year course
Course length
Courses offered
Graduate entry
Foundation or access
University Life
Local area Regularly voted as the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne is a safe and vibrant city to study in. Melbourne is ranked the 3rd best student city. The city regularly celebrates diversity through cultural centres and events. It is the sporting capital of Australia and has a thriving classic and underground art scene,
Social life All students gain membership to the MUMUS student society. Meet and integrate with 2000 other medical students through a range of social events such as exciting 0-week, MedBall, Pleasant Friday Evenings, MedCamp, Sports days and Community Events.
Interview style Applicants are required to undertake an MMI interview. The interview uses 8 scenarios and associated questions to test student’s eligibility for the course. Each station lasts 8 minutes with a 2 minute changeover time in between. The 8 stations focus upon competencies and knowledge on: Advocacy, collaboration, critical thinking, empathy, ethical reasoning and motivation. Use the following resources to target your interview preparation: 1. Becoming a doctor – 2. -specialities-and-specality-fields.aspx 3. What is takes to become a doctor-
Interview dates
Interview topics
Admissions Tests
UCAT UCAT is used for the MMI selection process. There is no UCAT cut-off score, this depends on the distribution of score year on year,
Academic Requirements
Retake policy
Scottish highers
Scottish advanced
Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)
Number of applicants per interview (Home)
Number of applicants per interview (International)
Number of applicants per place (Home)
Number of applicants per place (International)
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