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Effectively using the GAMSAT Preparation Material is essential and the key to success. In addition to these preparatory materials, I recommend you read our top tips for each section (insert link). There are endless resources and preparation materials available and it can be hard choosing which are best to use. Here are our Free GAMSAT Questions:

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1.     ACER GAMSAT Preparation Materials

ACER produces the only official GAMSAT questions so these provide the most realistic and relevant questions to practice. When you register for the GAMSAT, you’ll be provided with ‘Practice Questions’, there are 4 other E-books available. You can find them here


Preparation MaterialPrice
Practice TestAustralia: AUD $45
UK: £28
Ireland: €32
Practice Test 2Australia: AUD $45
UK: £28
Ireland: €32
Practice Test 3Australia: AUD $45
UK: £28
Ireland: €32
Sample QuestionsAustralia: AUD $27
UK: £17
Ireland: €19
Practice QuestionsAustralia: AUD $27
UK: £17
Ireland: €19
Written Communication Practice TestAustralia: AUD $15
UK: £10
Ireland: €11
Written Communication Practice Test 2Australia: AUD $15
UK: £10
Ireland: €11

2.     Griffiths GAMSAT Review

Most students who’ve sat the GAMSAT would agree that the online Griffiths GAMSAT Review series is one of the best resources available. It consists of 6 books and covers all of the sections of the GAMSAT. It costs $272 AUD for the complete set and you can find them here

You can also download a free sample practice test here: 

Sample Practice Test

3.     Textbooks

If you prefer to learn from a textbook, any year 12 science book will cover the topics needed. There are multiple different ‘GAMSAT’ textbooks available but if it’s the core theory you want to learn, any year 12 book will be sufficient. Try to avoid paying for overpriced textbooks which offer the same content but class themselves as ‘GAMSAT specific’ and therefore charge more money.

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Some books I recommend are:

Section 1:

‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi

‘Complications’ by Atul Gawande

‘Do No Harm’ by Henry Marsh

Section 2:

‘The Meaning of Things’ by AC Grayling

Section 3:

If you have done science for ATAR or undergraduate, try to find your textbooks and use these! If not, consider purchasing, and remember you can always get them second-hand.
The ‘For Dummies’ series are a good place to start and they have books on each of the science disciplines. The ‘Organic Chemistry for Dummies’ is $26.25 AUD and can be purchased here.

4.     Online resources

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It’s tempting to go straight to the specific GAMSAT preparation materials, however the free online resources can be just as good and may even go into further detail in their explanations. Here are some links:

Khan Academy

Armando Hasudungan

Revision World

BBC Bitesize 

5. Mastering The GAMSAT

Medic Mind is delighted to announce the publication of the latest and up-to-date GAMSAT Guide Book titled ‘Mastering the GAMSAT’ for the 2023 entry.

The ‘Master the GAMSAT’ Guide is the most comprehensive GAMSAT Book currently available and is published by the Award-Winning Medical Admissions Tutoring Company in the UK and Australia.

Written by expert doctors for the 2023 Entry, it includes effective time-saving techniques that will allow you to complete difficult questions within the given timeframe, a vast 100+ Practice Questions written in the format and level of the real exam, as well as 100+ key points GAMSAT comprehensive lessons and advice from experts in the field of medicine. For each question, fully detailed worked solutions are provided, and they walk you through the simplest, most effective way to find the correct answer. The book’s authors are professional doctors with thousands of hours of GAMSAT tutoring experience.

The GAMSAT Book by Medic Mind provides immense support on all of the topics required to achieve high GAMSAT scores. The GAMSAT book is an excellent resource because it prepares you to identify learning strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and approaches to perfect for the actual exam. With contributions and guidance from expert GAMSAT Tutors, this is your Ultimate GAMSAT companion and a MUST-BUY for individuals wishing to do well in the exam.

Master The GAMSAT

Tips for buying and using resources:

  • Before making any purchases, think about your current knowledge and understanding. You may find that if you’ve majored in English or literature that you won’t need many resources for section 1 and similarly if you have a science background, you won’t need to invest in resources for section 3. 
  • If you wish to purchase materials, look at the reviews and ratings. Also check if other GAMSAT students have discussed the book within forums such as on Med Student Online
  • Use a variety of resources: To gain a well-rounded understanding of topics, use different resources. Whilst textbooks may be great for gaining a grounded understanding of a topic, videos may help to allow you to visualise things in real-time and 3D.
  • It’s great to learn the theory but practising questions is of utmost importance. The GAMSAT purposely offers most of the knowledge you require within the question stems as it aims to test your ability to interpret information. So whilst knowing the theory is great and will help with your answering speed. 

Tutoring is also a great resource to enable your learning and ensure you achieve a great grade, check out our available options here.

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Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

GAMSAT Tutoring

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best way to prepare for the GAMSAT?

Preparation is absolutely key, there are 3 different sections and each requires a different set of skills. Becoming familiar with the content and the style of questions will help to build your confidence and allow you to relax a little more on the day of the exam. Preparation is also the best way to ensure you achieve a great grade.

What should I read to prepare for GAMSAT?

If you prefer to learn from a textbook, any A-level science book will cover the topics needed. There are multiple different ‘GAMSAT’ textbooks available but if it’s the core theory you want to learn, any A-level science book will cover the relevant topics.

How many hours a week should I study for GAMSAT?

The general consensus is that students should start preparing 3 – 6 months prior to the GAMSAT and spend 2 – 3 hours per day

What is the GAMSAT exam?

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is a standardized test designed to assess the skills and knowledge of prospective medical school students.

What are the best-rated GAMSAT preparation materials?

The best-rated GAMSAT preparation materials include study guides, practice exams, online courses, and tutoring services. Some of the top-rated GAMSAT preparation materials include The Gold Standard GAMSAT, Des O’Neill GAMSAT, and PrepGenie GAMSAT.

What should I look for in GAMSAT preparation materials?

When selecting GAMSAT preparation materials, it is important to look for materials that are comprehensive, up-to-date, and aligned with the latest exam format. Additionally, it is important to consider the quality of the practice questions, the level of detail provided in the study guides, and the availability of support resources such as online forums and tutoring services.

How can GAMSAT preparation materials help me improve my scores?

GAMSAT preparation materials can help you improve your scores by providing you with a deeper understanding of the exam format and content. Additionally, practice exams and questions can help you identify areas where you need to improve and give you the opportunity to practice applying the concepts you have learned.

Can online courses or tutoring services be a helpful supplement to GAMSAT preparation materials?

Yes, online courses or tutoring services can be a helpful supplement to GAMSAT preparation materials as they can provide additional support and guidance. Online courses can offer interactive lessons, while tutoring services can provide personalized attention and feedback.

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