Where can I apply with my UCAT ANZ score?

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It is so important to be strategic about where you apply to medical school. By researching different admissions policies you can make sure to apply to universities where you’re more likely to get that all important interview. It can be tricky to navigate lots of different web pages of university information. That’s why we’ve collated all of the most up-to-date for you!

How does UCAT ANZ Scoring work?

The four cognitive UCAT ANZ sections (UCAT Verbal Reasoning, UCAT Decision Making, UCAT Quantitative Reasoning, UCAT Abstract Reasoning) are scored on a scale for 300-900. This isn’t your raw marks or a percentage but a scale. This means that scores can be compared between years. A total scaled score is generated by adding each of these sections together, giving you a total score between 1200 and 3600. The UCAT SJT is scored on a similar scale between 300-900, but is reported separately. 

UCAT Score Statistics 2020

Looking at the statistics from last year’s admissions cycle can give you a rough idea of where your score might sit in the general cohort. Remember though that this is last year’s data and no one can predict how this year’s candidates will do in comparison. Average scores may go up or down!

  • Number of candidates: 14 092
  • Mean UCAT ANZ Verbal Reasoning: 577
  • Mean UCAT ANZ Decision Making: 635
  • Mean UCAT ANZ Quantitative Reasoning: 671
  • Mean UCAT ANZ Abstract Reasoning: 644
  • Mean UCAT ANZ SJT: 592

See a more detailed explanation of past results and statistics here with our guide. Keep an eye on the UCAT website for the results release for this year so you can see how you stand in comparison to this year’s cohort.

UCAT ANZ Score Deciles 2020

Decile Rank2020 Scaled Score2020 SJT ScorePercentile

How do universities use UCAT Score?

The table below shows a summary of how each university uses UCAT ANZ Score in their selection process. The majority of universities use the score for both interview and final selection, but the weighting can vary a lot. Where the weighting is unknown a percentage hasn’t been included. 

UniversityUCAT ANZ for interview selection?UCAT ANZ for final post-interview selection?
The University of AdelaideYes – 100%Yes – 20%
Central Queensland UniversityYes (from 2021)Yes
Charles Sturt UniversityYes – 100%Yes
Curtin UniversityYes – 40%Yes
Flinders UniversityNo interviewYes – 10%
La Trobe UniversityYes (non-Y12 applicants)Yes (non-Y12 applicants)
Monash UniversityYes Yes – 33%
The University of Newcastle/University of New EnglandYes – 100%Yes
The University of New South WalesYes – 50%Yes – 33%
The University of QueenslandNo interviewYes – 100%
University of TasmaniaNo interviewYes
The University of Western AustraliaYes – 100%Yes – 33.3%
Western Sydney University YesYes
University of OtagoNo interviewYes
The University of AucklandNoYes – 15%

Where should I apply with a low UCAT Score (<2500)?

If you score less than 2500, this means you’ve scored lower than average. You are unlikely to receive an interview with this score, but this does not mean that you cannot get admission! It’s best to plan ahead and apply to universities that place little emphasis on UCAT ANZ Score. 

For example, James Cook University and Bond University do not use UCAT ANZ Score at all when considering admission. If you have strong academic results this could be a great option for you! You could also consider other careers that don’t require the UCAT. By taking an alternative degree (such as science or biomedicine) you could still apply for medicine or dentistry down the line as a graduate-entry applicant too.

Where should I apply with an average UCAT Score (2500-2800)?

In this score range you could receive an interview offer. If you’re a rural, local student or if you have a very high ATAR especially. As universities differ on their UCAT emphasis you should be very tactical where you apply in this range to maximise your chance of success. 

Try applying to as many universities as possible and particularly those that put a lot of emphasis on academics or interview performance. By applying to lots of universities you’re maximising the chance of obtaining an interview. And by applying to universities that weight interview performance heavily, you’re maximising your chance of admission by not focusing on your UCAT score. Make sure you prepare well for interviews as it could be the difference between becoming a doctor and not!

Where should I apply with a high UCAT Score (>2800)?

Well done on your score! If you’ve scored above 2800 you have a good chance of getting interviews if your academics are also strong. You’re best applying to universities with a big emphasis on UCAT such as The University of Newcastle or The University of Western Australia who pick applicants to interview based solely on their UCAT ANZ Score. 

Remember that UCAT ANZ is just one component of your application. Interview performance usually forms a large part of how applicants are selected so it’s important to prepare well and not let this final hurdle stop you from admission! Check out our interview tips here


→What is UCAT ANZ?

UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand) is a computer-based test used in Australia and New Zealand to assess aptitude and skills required for a career in medicine and dentistry.

→Where can I apply with my UCAT ANZ score?

The UCAT ANZ score is used by a number of universities in Australia and New Zealand as part of the admissions process for undergraduate medicine and dentistry courses. The universities that accept UCAT ANZ scores vary each year, so it is important to check the admissions requirements of each university before applying.

→Which universities in Australia accept UCAT ANZ scores?

Some universities in Australia that accept UCAT ANZ scores include the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, Monash University, University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, University of Tasmania, University of Western Australia, and Western Sydney University.

→How are UCAT ANZ scores used in the admissions process?

UCAT ANZ scores are one of several factors considered by universities in the admissions process for undergraduate medicine and dentistry courses. Other factors may include academic performance, personal statement, and interview performance.

→What is a good UCAT ANZ score for admission to medical school?

A good UCAT ANZ score for admission to medical school depends on the specific school you are applying to and the competitiveness of the applicant pool. Generally, a UCAT ANZ score in the top 10% of test-takers is considered competitive for admission to medical school.

→Are there any medical schools in Australia and New Zealand that do not require UCAT ANZ scores for admission?

Yes, there are some medical schools in Australia and New Zealand that do not require UCAT ANZ scores for admission. It’s important to research the admission requirements of individual schools to determine if they require the UCAT ANZ for admission.

→Can I retake the UCAT ANZ if I am not satisfied with my score?

Yes, candidates can retake the UCAT ANZ once per year. However, it is important to note that universities may consider all scores obtained by a candidate, and may place greater weight on the highest score obtained.

→How important is the UCAT ANZ score in the admissions process?

The importance of the UCAT ANZ score varies by university and program. Some universities place greater emphasis on the UCAT ANZ score, while others place more importance on academic performance or other factors.

→Can a high UCAT ANZ score guarantee admission to medical school?

A high UCAT ANZ score can be a competitive factor in the admission process, but it does not guarantee admission to medical school. Medical schools also consider other factors, such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, and personal statements, when making admission decisions.

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