Should I take the UCAT ANZ?

The UCAT ANZ helps some medical and dental schools in Australia and New Zealand to decide which applicants are most likely to succeed in clinical careers. You can check which universities and courses require the UCAT ANZ here. If you’re planning on applying to any of these courses the UCAT will be a required part of your application. Graduates typically take the GAMSAT rather than the UCAT ANZ. You can find out more about the GAMSAT exam here. 

What format does the exam have?

The UCAT ANZ is a two-hour computer based exam. There are 5 subtests in total:

SubtestQuestionsTimeReading Time
UCAT Verbal Reasoning4421 minutes1 minute
UCAT Decision Making2931 minutes1 minute
UCAT Quantitative Reasoning3624 minutes1 minute
UCTA Abstract Reasoning5513 minutes1 minute
UCAT Situational Judgement6926 minutes1 minute

Each section includes one minute of reading time, giving you a chance to have a short break and make sure you understand the instructions. There is also an extended version of the test (UCATSEN ANZ) for candidates with a documented disability who are entitled for extra time. Find out more about the UCATSEN ANZ here. 

Is the UCAT different to the UCAT ANZ?

The UCAT was originally designed for use for admissions to UK medical schools. It is still used predominantly for UK medical schools but has recently been adopted by schools in Australia and New Zealand. The exam is identical and uses the same question types and subtests. Therefore UK-based resources can be really helpful for your UCAT ANZ preparation.

If you’re applying to both UK and Aus medical schools please note you cannot take both exams in the same year. This is because the exams are so similar it would put you at an advantage to other candidates. Instead, take the UCAT ANZ and report this score to your UK universities. More information about how to do this can be found on the official UCAT website

How long is my score valid for?

You can only take the exam once per year. Your score is only valid for one year. This means that if you don’t score as well as you’d hoped to you have to wait a year to take the exam again. Universities won’t know how many times you’ve taken the exam, or what your previous scores were. 

How do I register to sit the UCAT?

You can register for the UCAT ANZ from 01 March 2021. You need to register an account with Pearson VUE and book a test here. The deadline to register and book your exam is 17 May 2021. You can book until 31 May 2021 but you will need to pay an additional late registration fee. 

How will I know where to take the UCAT?

Once you’ve registered for the test you will receive an email confirming the exact location, date and time of your exam. These should also be visible in the booking portal when you first book your test.

How much does the UCAT ANZ cost?

For 2021, the UCAT ANZ price is $305. There is an additional charge of $85 for any late registrations. Find out more about UCAT ANZ Cost and bookings here

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